Get Started Using Google Docs

If you are a high school student or undergrad who wants an efficient, simple way to work with other people on school projects, this web site is made for you. Google Docs can help you with that, and give you a safe place to store your important work for school. Once you work through the tutorials on this site, you will know how to:
  • create, upload, and file projects in your own space on the web;
  • invite others to view or edit your work;
  • attach a comment directly to a project;
  • and insert pictures, tables, and other visual elements into your work.

This site also gives you a few ideas about other ways to use Google Docs besides working with others on school assignments. But first you may be asking, "What, exactly, is Google Docs?"

The first thing you should do is to sign up for a free Google account. If you haven't already done that, go to, and click on "Create an account now." Then visit the menu bar above and either click on, or roll over, the "Learn How To..." link to start learning how to use Google Docs.